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Chelsea Staub

Birth Name: Chelsea Staub

Date of Birth: 15 September 1988, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Nickname: Chels

5' 7" (1.70 m)


Staub was born in Phoenix, Arizona where she attended Mohave middle school and participated in student government as president. She later attended Saguaro High School for part of her freshman year before moving to Los Angeles. She is an alumna of Valley Youth Theatre. At the age of 19, she now resides in Los Angeles, California. On December 21st 2007, she revisited her middle school, Mohave, where she talked and signed autographs.

While Chelsea Staub grew up she spent most of her time reenacting "The Princess Bride" and living in the land of make-believe. When Chelsea was six years old, she watched her best friend's sister perform in a community play and immediately wanted to try out for the next production. She was a nervous wreck during the entire audition process, but it all paid off when she was cast in her first role in "child ensemble!" She had one line, but the second Chelsea heard the laughter and applause, she was hooked.

Chelsea signed up for a summer "That's Entertainment" camp where she met Marilyn Carroll, the camp director. Though she loved doing shows and was comfortable in the ensemble, Chelsea would always chicken out when it came time to audition for the lead roles. Marilyn pushed Chelsea out of her comfort zone when she cast Chelsea as "Annie". Chelsea then began to try out for bigger roles and eventually landed a Broadway tour with Tom Bosley. While rehearsing and performing with this amazingly talented cast, Chelsea realized she had "found her people" and this was what she wanted to do with her life.

For nine years, she did show after show and camp after camp while enjoying school activities and remaining a full-time student. There were countless nights when Chelsea was doing homework in the wings between song and dance numbers. But she still wanted more! At 15, Chelsea finally convinced her parents to take her to Los Angeles during the fall break to audition for something - anything! They agreed, thinking Chelsea would see how hard it was and would quit bugging them about it. As luck would have it, Chelsea Staub booked a role on a TV series. and so it began.


An only child.

Parents Becky and John.

Loves Valentine's Day.

Her pets are "Booger" the chameleon and "Uncle Stinky" the guinea pig.

Was eight years old when she booked her first commercial. It was for Travelodge and it was with Vanessa Hudgens.

Her favorite movies are "Almost Famous," "The Turning Point," "Splendor in the Grass" and "A Little Romance"

Her favorite advice was "If you do it, you'll regret it. If you don't do it, you'll regret it. Either way, you're going to regret it, so you might as well just do it!"


Emily Osment

Birth Name: Emily Jordan Osment

Date of Birth:
10 March 1992, Los Angeles, California, USA

Height: 5' 2½" (1.59 m)


Emily Jordon Osment was born in Los Angeles on March 10th, 1992. She is the younger sister of The Sixth Sense star, Haley Joel Osment, who has is considered to be one of the greatest child actors ever. Her father is also an actor of some renown. Following in their footsteps, Emily started her acting career performing in several commercials, including a radio spot with Dick Van Dyke, before making her film debut in "The Secret Life of Girls." The same year she landed a role in the Hallmark film, "Sarah, Plain and Tall: Winter's End," as the daughter of Glenn Close and Christopher Walken. That role led to a nomination for Best Young Actor.

After that Emily played several smaller roles for television, which include, "3rd Rock from the Sun," "Touched by an Angel," and "Friends." During this time she also did voice acting alongside her brother and John Cleese, Catherine O'Hara, and Harry Shearer in the short animated-film, "Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big."

Finally, Emily landed the much sought after role of Gerti Giggles in, "Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams." Writer/Director Robert Rodriguez was so impressed by her audition that he made the role longer without even knowing that she was the sister of Haley Joel Osment. She then appeared in the sequel, "Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over."

She is now appearing as a regular on the hit Disney Channel show, "Hannah Montana," in which she plays the hyperactive, Lily Truscott, alongside co-stars Miley Cyrus and Mitchell Musso.


Younger sister of Haley Joel Osment

Daughter of Eugene Osment and Theresa Osment.

When "AI: Artificial Intelligence" was released, her mother forbade her to watch it as she felt it was unsuitable for the then 9-year-old Emily.

She enjoys writing action novels and playing golf.

She likes The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Modest Mouse.

Enjoys knitting.

Is a big Audrey Hepburn fan and especially likes "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

Watches Turner Classic Movies a lot.

She likes the films Bringing Up Baby, Tootsie, and The Sound of Music.

Her favorite animal is the dwarf owl.

Unlike her character on Hannah Montana, she doesn't like much pop music.

She likes the hard rock band AC/DC.

She sings.

Her most prized possession is the pair of pearl earrings her dad bought her in Tokyo.

She plays soccer.

Taught Miley Cyrus, her co-star on Hannah Montana, how to knit, and learned from Miley how to play guitar.

Good friends with her 'Hannah Montana' co-star, Mitchel Musso.

Sang some vocals in Billy Ray Cyrus's song "You've Got A Friend".

Selena Gomez

Birth Name: Selena Kayleigh Gomez

Date of Birth: 22 July 1992, New York, New York, USA

Nickname: Sel

Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m)


Selena Gomez was born on July 22, 1992. For her passions, she enjoys cheer-leading, singing and acting. She's been acting since 2002 in her first TV debut on Barney and Friends as Gianna. Selena is very good friends with her old co-star Demi Lovato (who played Angela). Selena will pursue her acting career and will be in more movies and television shows to come.
IMDb Mini Biography By: Nicki Wilson


Best known for playing "Gianna" in Barney.

Is from Grand Prairie, Texas.

Before landing the role of Alex Russo in "Wizards of Waverly Place" (2007), Selena wasn't a fan of neither magic or the Harry Potter franchise.

Is of Mexican descent.

Alyson Stoner

Birth Name: Alyson Rae Stoner

Date of Birth: 11 August 1993, Toledo, Ohio, USA

Nickname: Aly, Stoner

5' 2" (1.57 m)


Alyson Stoner was born in Toledo, Ohio. While growing up, she studied ballet, tap, and jazz dancing at the O'Connell's Dance Studio in her hometown. She also modeled and trained at the Margaret O'Brien Modeling Studio there. She even attended the IMTA Convention in New York City with Ms.O'Brien's studio in 2000, and she won many awards in acting, modeling, and dance. After this, Alyson decided to try hip-hop dancing. She moved to LA and trained with such well-known choreographers as Wade Robson, Fatima, and Hi Hat. She auditioned and was cast to dance in the Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott videos "Work It" and "Gossip Folks." Because of these videos, Alyson has been in demand by such media outlets as "Extra", "The Maury Povich Show", "Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show" , and magazines such as "YM" and "M." She performed on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", and with 'Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott' at the 2003 American Music Awards, on "MTV's Fashionably Loud," and Seattle's Radio Concert. Not only is Alyson a talented dancer, she is also the co-host of the Disney Channel's "Super Short Show", an infomercial segment that sells upcoming DVD and Video releases of Disney features.


Went to Margaret O'Brien's agency and the Star-Bound Modeling Agency in Toledo, Ohio.

Trained at O'Connell Hot Shots Dance Co in Holland, Ohio.

Has two older sisters named Correy and Jaimee.

Plays basketball.

Was a member of a dance group called the JammXKids.

She will be returning to act in Cheaper By The Dozen 2

She composes and records her songs onto her computer during her free time.

Was a back-up dancer for Will Smith at the 2005 Nickelodan Kids Choice Awards, and also a back-up dancer for OutKast at the 2004 Kid's Choice Awards.

Appeared in the "Learn to Dance" section of the Shark Tale DVD.

Is good friends with Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

Her best friend is Margaux Heather C. Chavez.

Was a celebrity host on Dance Revolution.

Once interviewed Hannah Montana's Miley Cyrus, who is also a friend.

The youngest person to have their own master dance class sessions.

Kyle Massey

Birth Name: Kyle Orlando Massey

Date of Birth:
28 August 1991, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m)


Kyle Orlando Massey was born on August 28, 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia. His first acting job was in The Wizard of Oz, but his "big break" came after he was cast in the popular Disney sitcom "That's So Raven", where he starred as Cory. Kyle is the younger brother of Christopher Massey, who plays Michael on the Nickelodeon show, "Zoey 101". Massey is also the star of the Disney Channel original movie Life Is Ruff. He even starred in a music video for Yin Yang Yo, which premiered in September 2006. Kyle is now the star of a new show Cory In The house. It is a spin-off to That's So Raven.


Brother of Christopher Massey.

His rap single, "It's a Dog", was included in the movie "Life is Ruff".

Cole Sprouse

Birth Name: Cole Mitchell Sprouse

Date of Birth:
4 August 1992, Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy

Coley Moley

Height: 5' 4" (1.63 m)


Identical twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse were born August 4, 1992 in Arezzo, Italy. They began their acting career at the tender age of six months. From 1993 to 1998 the twins shared the role of Brett Butler's youngest child, Patrick Kelly, on ABC's hit series "Grace Under Fire". The twins then moved on to what is probably their most memorable role as Julian in Adam Sandler's box office hit "Big Daddy". During that same month, their second feature film, "The Astronaut's Wife", starring Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron, was also released.

Dylan and Cole were featured in Dana Carveys' film, "The Master of Disguise", where they played the role of "Young Pistachio". The boys then shared voice over roles in Adam Sandler's animated feature "Eight Crazy Nights" and in the fall of 2003, the twins shared the lead role of Jeremiah in "The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things".

Most recently, the boys are starring together in their new half hour sitcom "Suite Life on Deck" on the Disney Channel.


Twin brother of Dylan Sprouse

His favorite subject in school is math.

His favorite movie is Little Shop of Horrors.

Parents: Matthew and Melanie Sprouse.

He likes to play the guitar. His favorite instrument is the bass.

Does not speak Italian, save for several words like "Ferrari" and "Spaghetti" (from "Mad Kids" magazine, May 2006)

He and his brother have dual citizenship in Italy and USA.

He has been snowboarding since he was 4 years old.

The Olsen Twins have signed Dylan and Cole to their own clothing line for boys.

Although born in Italy, is not of Italian descent. Their American parents moved back to their native California four months after Dylan and Cole were born

He is fifteen minutes younger than Dylan

He is named for jazz singer and pianist Nat 'King' Cole.

Dylan Sprouse

Birth Name: Dylan Thomas Sprouse

Date of Birth: 4 August 1992, Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy

Lumpkin, Dyl

Height: 5' 4½" (1.64 m)


Identical twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse were born August 4, 1992 in Arezzo, Italy. They began their acting career at the tender age of six months. From 1993 to 1998 the twins shared the role of Brett Butler's youngest child, Patrick Kelly, on ABC's hit series "Grace Under Fire". The twins then moved on to what is probably their most memorable role as Julian in Adam Sandler's box office hit "Big Daddy". During that same month, their second feature film, "The Astronaut's Wife", starring Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron, was also released.

Dylan and Cole were featured in Dana Carveys' film, "The Master of Disguise", where they played the role of "Young Pistachio". The boys then shared voice over roles in Adam Sandler's animated feature "Eight Crazy Nights" and in the fall of 2003, the twins shared the lead role of Jeremiah in "The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things".

Most recently, the boys are starring together in their new half hour sitcom "Suite Life on Deck" on the Disney Channel.


Twin brother of Cole Sprouse

His favorite subject in school is science

Parents: Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright.

He and his brother have dual citizenship in Italy and USA.

He has been snowboarding since he was 4 years old.

He is fifteen minutes older than Cole

Loves drawing and reading comics.

The Olsen Twins have signed Dylan and Cole to start their own clothing line for boys.

Dylan and brother Cole are good friends with Kyle Massey of "That's So Raven" (2003).

Favorite movies are Godzilla, Saw, Saw II, Saw III, Saw IV, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

Although born in Italy, is not of Italian descent. Their American parents moved back to their native California four months after Dylan and Cole were born

He was named after poet Dylan Thomas.

Brenda Song

Birth Name: Brenda Julietta Song

Date of Birth: 27 March 1988, Carmichael, California, USA

Nickname: B, Bren

Height: 5' 1¾" (1.57 m)


Brenda Song was born in Carmichael, California on 27th March 1988. Her mother is Thai-American and her father is Hmong. Brenda, her parents, and her younger brothers, Timmy and Nathan, now live in a suburb of Los Angeles.

Brenda was named an All-American Scholar in ninth grade and holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

She stars as London Tipton, the hotel owner's spoiled daughter, in Disney Channel's new hit sitcom, "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody." Having acted since age six, Brenda is already a familiar face to Disney Channel viewers. Before beginning production on the new series, she had a recurring role as the hip and trendy Tia on "Phil of the Future." She also starred in the top-rated Disney Channel Original Movies "Stuck in the Suburbs," the mystery "Get A Clue" with Lindsay Lohan, and "The Ultimate Christmas Present" with Hallee Hirsh and Spencer Breslin.

Her other television credits include guest starring roles on "That's So Raven," "George Lopez," "The Bernie Mac Show," "7th Heaven," "One On One," "The Nightmare Room," "Judging Amy," "Popular," "Once and Again," and as a panelist on "Small Talk." Brenda also had a starring role on the series "100 Deeds For Eddie McDowd."

On the big screen, she starred in "Like Mike" opposite Lil' Bow Wow and Jonathan Lipnicki, and appeared in "Leave It To Beaver" and "Santa With Muscles" starring Hulk Hogan.

A self-proclaimed "total dork," she loves sampling international cuisine, shopping and studying. She is an avid Los Angeles Lakers fan.


Her mother (homemaker) is Thai-American and her father (second-grade teacher) is Hmong.

She has two younger brothers, Timmy (three years younger) and Nathan (eight years younger).

While growing up, she wanted to take ballet lessons, but her mother refused and put her in karate lessons where although she hated the idea of fighting, ironically she loved it so much that she earned a black belt, and was named an All-American Scholar in ninth grade.

Her family immigrated to America from Laos in 1976.

She began acting at the age of six. Her first television appearance was in a Little Caesars commercial.

She has a Maltepoo called Teddy.

Voted one of Teen People's 25 hottest stars under 25.

Her favorite kind of music is rock.

In 2007, she became the spokesperson for Libby Lu products.

She has been home-schooled since the fourth grade.

She graduated from high school at the age of 16.

Alyson Michalka

Birth Name: Alyson Renae Michalka

Date of Birth: 25 March 1989, Torrance, California, USA

Nickname: Aly, Kookaburra, Slinky

Height: 5' 9" (1.75 m)


Alyson began acting at the age of five in stage productions by churches her family attended outside Seattle, Washington, and in Thousand Oaks California. She was featured in numerous musicals including "Jailhouse Rock" and "A Time to Remember." Alyson, who plays piano and guitar, also writes music and sings with her younger sister Amanda in the pop-music duo Aly & AJ. The sisters are platinum selling recording artists with Hollywood Records. When she isn't acting, Alyson enjoys drawing. Her artistic talent was recognized by Hallmark Cards. When she was in the fourth grade, she won a contest for a Christmas card in 1999, when she was 10. Lately, Alyson is interested in fashion and sewing, and has plans to design a clothing line. The Torrance, California, native has two dogs, Saint and Bandit, and lives with her parents and sister in Los Angeles, California.



Her favorite foods are Sushi, Tacos, Candy (especially Ring Pops and Pop Rocks), Pasta, and Jamba Juice drinks.

Her favorite movies are Willow (1988), Uptown Girls (2003), Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), and The School of Rock (2003).

Younger sister Amanda Michalka, known as AJ, is also an actress. The two sisters wrote and recorded their first album for Hollywood/Universal Records as Aly & AJ, which was released in early 2005.

Last name pronounced Mish-AL-ka

Her mother was a cheerleader for the NFL's Oakland Raiders.

Her parents are Carrie and Mark Michalka.

Is of German descent.

She has a dog, Bandit, and a puppy, Roadie.

Ashley Tisdale

Birth Name: Ashley Michelle Tisdale

Date of Birth:
2 July 1985, West Deal, New Jersey, USA

Nickname: Ash

Height: 5' 3" (1.60 m)


Tisdale was born in Monmouth County, New Jersey on July 2, 1985, to Lisa (née Morris) and Mike Tisdale. She grew up there in Ocean Township. Her elder sister Jennifer Tisdale is also an actress, most notably starring in Bring It On: In It to Win It. Her maternal grandfather is Arnold Morris, the developer of Ginsu Knives; and through her grandfather, she is also related to businessman Ron Popeil. Tisdale is Jewish on her mother's side and considers herself Jewish. She was discovered by Bill Perlman, her current manager, at South Shores Mall, when she was three. After booking her first audition, she went on to star in around one hundred national network commercials. At the age of eight, she got a leading role in the Broadway musical, Les Misérables and later toured internationally with the cast of Annie. She began acting, appearing in stage productions of Gypsy: A Musical Fable and The Sound of Music at the Jewish Community Center of Monmouth County.

Tisdale underwent a rhinoplasty procedure on November 30, 2007. According to Tisdale, this was done for health-related reasons and not out of a belief in plastic surgery; her "septum was 80 percent deviated" and she had "two small fractures on her nose", and this was interfering with her breathing. She spoke to People magazine about the surgery, saying that it was important to her to be honest with her fans.


Younger sister of actress Jennifer Tisdale.

Sang at The White House at age 12.

Has a dog named "Blondie", which is her nickname on "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody".

Parents are Lisa and Mike Tisdale.

On the Billboard Hot 100 chart of 2006-02-11, she became the first female ever to debut with 2 songs simultaneously. The songs, "Bop to the Top" and "What I've Been Looking For" were both duets with Lucas Grabeel from High School Musical.

Cousin of inventor and infomercial maven Ron Popeil.

Her favorite cloths are Diesel, Bebe, Urban Outfitters and Forever 21.

Was a Ford Model along with Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton.

Is good friends with Zac Efron, her co-star in High School Musical.

Tried out for the role of Karen in the movie Mean Girls but lost it to Amanda Seyfried.

Best friends with Brittany Snow, and Miley Ray Cyrus.

Got her start acting at the local Jewish Community Centre of Monmouth County, appearing in productions of Gypsy, Sound of Music, and Annie Warbucks.

Her debut album: Headstrong sold 70,000 copies on its first week.

She had a deviated septum before she got it corrected by surgery.

Corbin Bleu

Birth Name: Corbin Bleu Reivers

Date of Birth: 21 February 1989, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Nickname: Bleu Man

Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)


Corbin and his family moved to Los Angeles in 1996 and he quickly landed a recurring role on the television series "High Incident". He continued to land small roles in such feature films as "Soldier" with Kurt Russell, "Mystery Men" with Ben Stiller, William H. Macy, and Greg Kinnear, and "Galaxy Quest" with Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and Alan Rickman. He also guest starred on such television shows as "ER", "Malcolm & Eddie", "Cover Me", and "The Amanda Show". Corbin also continued dancing, eventually becoming one of the first students at the prestigious Debbie Allen Dance Academy. He then attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts as a theater major, this time following in his mother's footsteps who attended New York City's famed High School of Performing Arts. While in his freshman year Corbin was cast in his first lead role in the feature film "Catch That Kid". Back in high school in his sophomore year he played the lead role of Ren in the musical "Footloose" and the role of Sonny in the musical "Grease". That same year Corbin was honored with the award of Theatre Student of the Year. In the summer of 2004 Corbin became a part of the ensemble cast for the new Discovery Kids television series "Flight 29 Down", filmed on location in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. During the summer of 2005 Corbin was cast as Chad in the Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical which was directed by Kenny Ortega. Being a big fan of musical theater, Corbin was thrilled to be a part of this musical movie project in which he gets to showcase his dance skills.


Favorite Movies: "Chicago" and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".

His favorite actresses are Jennifer Garner and Angelina Jolie.

Son of David Reivers.

His favorite book is The Great Gatsby.

His favorite candy bar is Twix.

Has appeared in two of the three highest rated Disney Channel Original Movies ever: High School Musical and Jump In!.

Appeared in 3 of the 4 highest premier night movies on Disney Channel.

Best friends with Monique Coleman.

Has three younger sisters.

Lucas Grabeel

Birth Name: Lucas Stephen Grabeel

Date of Birth: 23 November 1984, Springfield, Missouri, USA

Nickname: Mr. Go-Get-Em, Gramps

Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m)


Lucas was born on November 23 ,1984 in Springfield, Missouri. Since then he has guest starred in some hit TV shows like Veronica Mars and Boston Legal. He has also had starring roles in Disney movies like Halloweentown High and most recently High School Musical where he got to show off his superb singing abilities in 4 of the songs in the movie. In 2003, He came in 5th place at the 52nd MSHSAA Speech & Debate Championships. That is the same year he graduated form Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Missouri.


Came in 5th at the 52nd MSHSAA Speech & Debate Championships in 2003.

At one point in early 2006, Lucas had three songs on the top ten iTunes downloads. At that time, six of the top ten were from the soundtrack to High School Musical.

Lucas landed his first commercial 2 months after moving to LA, and his first movie, Halloweentown High, came just a few months after that.

Attended Kickapoo High School, the same high school Brad Pitt, Adrienne Wilkinson and Jay Kenneth Johnson attended.

Prior to attending Kickapoo High School, Lucas attended Logan-Rogersville High School. At Logan-Rogersville, he performed in many school productions, as well as the varsity choir.

While in Rogersville, Missouri, he regularly attended Harmony Baptist Church, where he was a part of the children's and youth groups.

Lucas also went to Guatemala on an annual basis with his family as a part of a mission's team for six years.

Lucas played drums for a local church and initiated a men's a cappella singing group at Kickapoo High school.

Memorized the entire "Get'Cha Head in the Game" dance, even though his character in High School Musical wasn't involved in the sequence.

Auditioned for a role on "The Young and the Restless" in 1973.

Was offered a role on "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody", but when the script called for him to kiss co-star Ashley Tisdale, the role went to another actor, Zac Efron, due to the brother- sister dynamic established in High School Musical. Zac is also in High School Musical and plays Ashley's crush.

Is a fan of actor/writer Christopher Guest.

His favorite dance as a kid was the hokey poky.

Does a variety of accents.

Plays piano, guitar and accordion.

Dances jazz, ballet, hip-hop and tap.

Is a tenor.

Vanessa Anne Hudgens

Birth Name: Vanessa Anne Hudgens

Date of Birth:
14 December 1988, Salinas, California, USA

Nicknames: Nessa, V, Van, Baby V, Vanney

Height: 5' 3" (1.60 m)


Hudgens was born in Salinas, California, the daughter of Gina (née Guangco) and Greg Hudgens. She has a younger sister, Stella Hudgens, who is also an actress. Hudgens's father is an American of Irish and Native American descent, and her mother, who grew up in Manila, is a Filipino-born of Filipino, Spanish and Chinese descent. Hudgens has been home-schooled since after her seventh-grade year at the Orange County High School of the Arts.

Starting at the age of eight, Hudgens performed in musical theater as a singer, and appeared in local productions of Carousel, The Wizard of Oz, The King and I, The Music Man, and Cinderella, among others. Hudgens successfully auditioned for a commercial and subsequently moved to Los Angeles with her family, with whom she is still close.

Hudgens began performing at an early age, appearing in musicals starting at age eight, by taking over a friend who couldn't go to the audition, and moved to Los Angeles after winning an audition for a commercial. She scored roles on shows such as Quintuplets, Cover Me, and Still Standing, then made her feature debut in Thirteen as Noel and appeared in the 2004 film Thunderbirds as Tintin. In both her first two films Hudgens appeared alongside Brady Corbet.

Hudgens' debut album, entitled V, was released in early September 2006. She is signed with Hollywood Records, a Disney-owned record label. A music video for her first single, "Come Back To Me", debuted after the world premiere of The Cheetah Girls 2 in late August. The official music video for her second single, "Say OK", was first shown following the premiere of Disney's Jump In! "Let Go" and "Let's Dance" have both been used in commercials for ABC, "Let Go" for a Desperate Housewives commercial, and "Let's Dance" for Dancing With The Stars. "Say OK" has also been used in commercials for ABC Family's Lincoln Heights.

In August 2007 at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards, Hudgens was named the Choice Breakout Singer - Female, beating out other noteworthy nominees including American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee, Amy Winehouse, Corrine Bailey Rae and Lily Allen.

Hudgens has been seen stepping into the recording studio for work on her upcoming album which is expected to have a late May/early June 2008 release date. So far, two title tracks have been revealed - “Whisper” which is described as a sexy new style for Vanessa, and “It Feels Right”. Also, a song titled “I Will” which has been written by Hilary Duff has also been confirmed.

On September 6, 2007, controversy erupted after nude photos of Hudgens surfaced online. A statement from her publicist claims that the photo was taken privately and it was "unfortunate" that they were released on the Internet. Hudgens later apologized, saying that she was "embarrassed over the situation" and regretted having "taken photos". Disney Channel spokeswoman Patti McTeague indicated that Disney will still be working with Hudgens, stating, "Vanessa has apologized for what was obviously a lapse in judgment. We hope she's learned a valuable lesson."


In both her first two films - Thirteen (2003) and Thunderbirds (2004) - she appeared alongside Brady Corbet.

Parents: Greg Hudgens and Gina Guangco.

Ethnicities: Filipina, Chinese,and Spanish (from her mother); Irish and American Indian (from her father).

Her musical theater roles include leads in: Evita, Carousel, The Wizard of Oz, The King & I, The Music Man, Cinderella, Damn Yankees, The Hunchback of Notre Dam, and The Little Mermaid, among others.

Her first job was acting in a local production of "The Wizard of Oz" where she played a munchkin and was paid $50.

She has been home-schooled since the seventh grade.

She has already graduated from high school.

At one point, she actually planned to audition for "American Idol: The Search for a Superstar" (2002).

Her favorite subject in school is science.

Her song "Whatever Will Be" is really a song that reflects on her motto.

Her favorite kind of music is rock.

Both sets of her grandparents were musicians during the Big Band era.

Zac Efron

Birth Name: Zachary David Alexander Efron

Date of Birth: 18 October 1987, San Luis Obispo, California, USA

Nicknames: Zacquisha, Hollywood

Height: 5' 9" (1.75 m)


Born in San Luis Obispo, California, and raised nearby in Arroyo Grande, Zac Efron took his first step toward acting at the age of 11 when his parents took note of his singing ability. Singing lessons soon led to an appearance in the production of "Gypsy" that ran 90 performances and he was hooked. After appearing on-stage in "Peter Pan," "Auntie Mame", "Little Shop of Horrors" and "The Music Man", guest parts quickly followed on television series, including "Firefly", "ER", and "The Guardian". After guest-starring in several episodes of "Summerland", he joined the regular cast as girl-crazy Cameron Bale. Efron also starred in several pilots such as "The Big, Wide World of Carl Laemke" and "Triple Play." He also starred as an autistic child in the television movie Miracle Run, alongside Mary-Louise Parker and Aidan Quinn.

Efron's favorite sports include golf, skiing, rock climbing, and snowboarding. He recently added surfing after spending days on the beach for "Summerland." He plays the piano at home, and is currently teaching himself to play the guitar. He's also currently fixing up two cars in his spare time, a Delorean and '65 Mustang convertible, both treasured hand-me-downs from his even-more-treasured grandfather. Efron lives at home with his parents and his younger brother Dylan. They have two highly affectionate Australian Shepherds, Dreamer and Puppy, and a very independent Siamese cat named Simon.


Parents: David and Starla Siblings: Dylan Pets: Two Australian Shepherds, Dreamer and Puppy, and Siamese cat, Simon.

On the Billboard Hot 100 chart of Feb. 11 2006, Zac had five simultaneous song credits. The songs were "Get'cha Head in the Game" (solo), 3 duets with Vanessa Anne Hudgens ("Breaking Free," "Start of Something New," and "What I've Been Looking For") and "We're All in this Together" credited to the High School Musical cast. All tracks were from the soundtrack of "High School Musical".

With the popularity of High School Musical, he had to change his phone number after getting numerous calls from fans.

Zac's most prized possession is his autographed baseball collection.

Is a huge San Francisco Giants fan.

Met his current girlfriend, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, during castings for High School Musical. They were paired together near the end of casting to see how well they worked together.

Favorite Cartoon Show: Rocko's Modern Life.

He donated many items to Rocky Stone to be given to less fortunate kids as part of the Toy Mountain Campaign.

Attended the World Cup in Germany with Corbin Bleu.

The first concert he ever went to was a Wallflowers concert.

Has one sibling, younger brother, Dylan.

Simon Cowell offered him a record deal but he turned it down saying, "...acting is my main priority".

Named #93 on Empire Magazine's 100 Sexiest Movie Stars.

Had his appendix removed on January 15, 2008.

His favorite movie is Titanic.

Considers Liza Minelli as one of his true inspirations and a life long idol.

Ranked #24 on interview magazines Hollywood faces to watch "Future Stars of Tomorrow".

Was ranked #26 on Entertainment Weekly's '30 Under 30' the actors list(2008).

Disney Channel History

Disney Channel's first broadcasting day aired on April 18, 1983. At the inception, the Disney Channel only aired 18 hours a day from 7:00 AM to 1:00 AM. 24-hour programming would begin in December 1986. The channel's programming on the first day on the air was an episode of the 1950s-era Mickey Mouse Club.

During the 1980s, the channel debuted a few programs that later became part of the cultural lexicon of sorts. Early in the network's existence, in 1984, the musically-oriented sitcom Kids Incorporated became popular. In early 1989, The Disney Channel revived one of Disney's early TV staples with The All-New Mickey Mouse Club, which was an immediate hit and proved the basic Disney variety show formula could still work, unlike in the short-lived 1970s revival. This edition contained many of the features of the original, however the music was updated for a different generation of viewers.

In 1997, Disney Channel took on a revamped look and dropped the "The" in the network's name, and split the network into three programming blocks—Playhouse Disney, comprising shows aimed at preschoolers; Vault Disney, featuring classic Disney material such as Zorro, The Mickey Mouse Club, the Disney anthology television series, older television specials and features such as The Love Bug; and the most distinct one, running from afternoon to late evening, called Zoog Disney, aimed at preteens and young teenagers up to the age of 15.

While Disney Channel moved from premium cable to basic cable on January 1997, most of the design elements changed three years later. The Zoogs were redesigned, and a new channel logo (which featured a 1930s-era Mickey Mouse on a black Mickey ear-shaped TV), was introduced in 1997. In 1998, Zoog Disney was introduced to Disney Channel meaning they would have two logos, the "Disney Channel TV" logo, introduced in 1997, and the Zoog Disney logo, introduced in 1998. The two logos lasted from 1998 till 2002, when Zoog Disney was removed and Disney Channel introduced its current logo. The vintage material aired under the Vault Disney banner was also discontinued as of September 9, 2002.

From 2000 through 2003, ratings grew higher with such shows as Even Stevens, That's So Raven, Kim Possible, Lizzie McGuire and others. Lizzie McGuire became the network's banner show, and was the highest-rated program on the network. Reruns of Lizzie continued to out rate competing shows, including those from Disney Channel itself.

On January 20, 2006 "High School Musical" was aired on Disney Channel. It is one of the most successful Disney Channel Original Movies ever produced, with a television sequel released on August 17, 2007 and a feature film sequel "High School Musical 3: Graduation day in the pre-production process. The film's soundtrack was the best-selling album in the United States for 2006. The film was shot almost entirely in the Wasatch Front in Utah (namely Salt Lake City and Murray). This was Disney Channel's most successful movie at its time with 7.7 million viewers in its premiere broadcast in the US. High School Musical 2 brought in a total of 17.2 million viewers in the United States — almost 10 million more than its predecessor—making it, at the time, the highest rated basic cable broadcast in U.S. history.

On March 24, 2006 "Hannah Montana", which is an American Emmy Award-nominated children's television series starring Miley Cyrus, debuted on Disney Channel. The popularity of the show has far exceeded the expectations of the studio and has become a worldwide sensation. In addition to the high ratings of the TV series, concerts for Hannah Montana have also been exceedingly popular. Tickets for every concert have sold out, with some later being scalped for thousands of dollars. The shows attract much attention, with an example being the attendance of Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich who later admitted to having watched every single episode.

Upcoming completed and planned projects for Disney Channel include the films Minutemen, Camp Rock, Dadnapped, The Cheetah Girls 3: Indian Adventure, Hannah Montana: The Movie, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, and the television series J.O.N.A.S! starring the highly popular Jonas Brothers.