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Jonas Brothers UK Fans Get Royal Treatment

US teen band The Jonas Brothers have delighted hundreds of screaming fans at the European premiere of Disney's latest TV movie, Camp Rock, in London.

Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas, who all star in the film, posed on a purple carpet at The Royal Festival Hall.

Camp Rock tells the story of a summer camp for aspiring young music artists and a pop star who is sent there to re-discover his passion for music.

It will air in the UK on the Disney Channel on 19 September at 1800 BST.

"It's amazing - we still can't believe that this many people showed up, it's a really cool feeling for us," Joe, 19, told the BBC News website.

"It came out a long time ago in America so to have the same reaction, if not more people show up, feels even better," added co-star Demi Lovato.

Camp Rock has proved a smash-hit in the US after airing in June, when 24.5m viewers tuned in to watch during the film's premiere weekend.

Disney TV movies are currently on a high thanks to the success of the High School Musical films, but The Jonas Brothers said they were not feeling the pressure to live up to expectations.

"This is a separate film," Nick, 15, said.

"It is on the Disney Channel and it does have music in it, but if we have any type of success that High School Musical had it would be an honor."

In the film, Joe plays a young pop star who lets fame get to his head - something he tries to ensure does not happen in real life.

"I have two amazing brothers to make sure that doesn't happen and we also have a great family and keep it a lot of fun.

"We also live by a rule: live at the bottom, even if you're at the top.

And how do the boys find their screaming UK female fans compared to their US counterparts?

"They're very similar - just the accents are different," said Nick.

The brothers hit the headlines recently when comedian Russell Brand made fun, at the MTV Video Music Awards, of the purity rings they wear to symbolize their virginity.

However, they told BBC Radio 1 on Tuesday that they did not take offense at the comments.