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Jonas Brothers Schedule for 2009 is a full plate!

It seems the Jonas Brothers are juggling more projects these days than a Wall Street banker. There's the Jonases' new album due in June, rehearsals for this summer's world tour, the "Camp Rock" movie sequel, not to mention monitoring the receipts of this month's 3D concert movie.

As for the 3D concert movie, skeptics noted that the film receipts totaled only $12.7 million for its first weekend and a mere $2.5 million for its second, well below what experts had predicted for such a hot tween property. Joe tried to put the figures in perspective. "At first, you look at it and think it's not doing as well as people perceived but then you look back and be thankful. It's the second highest grossing concert film of all time (behind Miley Cyrus' "Hannah Montana") and that's one of the most amazing achievements," he said. "We were happy where we're at."

Meanwhile, the Jonases this week wrapped up shooting their TV series, "Jonas," which begins in May on the Disney Channel. "It'll be our first time acting," Joe Jonas said. "So far, so good. We've been watching some of the episodes back and we're really excited. We're kind of playing fictional characters (based on) ourselves. We are not the Jonas Brothers, but we are a band called Jonas. It's kind of an overexaggerated version of ourselves."

Thereafter comes their album, due June 15. Joe says the sound of the trio, working again with Minneapolis-bred producer John Fields, was inspired by several different artists: Kings of Leon, Prince, the Zutons and Neil Diamond "with a lot more horns."

A cynic might think that the Jonas Brothers are flooding the marketplace with products and projects because, like previous teen heartthrobs, they might have a limited shelf life.

"We work a lot with the Disney Channel and they release their own things and the Jonas Brothers, we release our own things. Together, it can be a lot," Joe said. "I guess we don't know how long this run is going to be for; but at the same time, we're happy where we are."