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New series "The Wannabes" starring Disney pop sensation "Savvy" nears production

The first television series ever to be completely filmed and produced in the State of Michigan is headed to the metro Detroit area. S3 Entertainment Group is partnering with Stern LeMaire Productions, Inc. to produce a tween sitcom called "The Wannabes".

Although this is not a Disney Channel production (as far as I know), the main actors featured in the half-hour tween sitcom are from the real-life Disney pop sensation "Savvy". In "The Wannabes" series, the teens are desperate to become pop stars, but they attend a strict arts academy boarding school where they are only able to stick to the classics like ballet, instrumental music and Shakespeare.

After being punished to work in a local café, the teens meet the owner's daughter who talks her dad into letting the academy students rock out at the café, but they have to keep their identities a secret by wearing disguises.

The show was created by writer/producer, Doreen Spicer who wrote the Disney Channel's hit movie "Jump In!" The series is directed by Eric Dean Seaton who has worked on other tween hits such as "Hannah Montana", "Sonny with a Chance", "That's So Raven," "Cory in the House" and "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody."

“Savvy and the entire Stern-LeMaire team are extremely excited to be filming our series in Michigan,” stated Chris LeMaire. “We are looking forward to working with the communities and the people to really utilize the great assets that Michigan has to create a dynamic television program that fans will enjoy.”

Shooting for the series will begin Summer, 2009. Because of the generous Michigan film incentives, the show will be entirely produced in state. Hundreds of new jobs will be created during the term of the series and local Michigan talent and crew will be hired.