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Miley, Demi, Selena, and pals promote Disney Channels Friends For Change

Leave it to the Disney Channel to come up with yet another great idea to inspire our kids. This summer, you may have noticed some public service announcements on the Disney Channel, featuring the kids from your favorite shows talking about ways to help your environment. This is the Disney Channel Friends For Change campaign. It encourages our kids to "reg and pledge to help protect the planet on which we stand." It is broken down into projects, such as climate, water, waste, and habitat.

Here is how it works:

First, go to Disney Channel.com/friendsforchange, and click on register and pledge. There you can click on get started, and view the projects that are currently being focused on. At the end of each project, your child gets to vote on how Disney will spend a quarter million dollars on projects related to the environment. The idea is, one friend is powerful, a million friends is unstoppable.

Choosing the pledge finder will connect you to find individual tasks connected with the project as a whole which your child can do to help do their part. The pledges are pretty simple, such as making sure your mom and dad only run the dishwasher and the washing machine when they are full, or turning off lights when your not in the room. It also tells your child how, when, and why these tasks are important to the big picture. Carpooling with your friends to school or riding your bike helps cut down on cars on the road. This can save up to 790 pounds of emissions a year. Multiply that by a million friends, and our kids can save up to 395,000 tons of carbon monoxide a year.

Aside from doing good for our planet, it gives kids the chance to feel identified with some of their much loved heroes from Disney, such as Miley Cyrus, Selana Gomez, the Jonas Brothers, and Demi Levato, who perform the original song in the Friends for Change music video, "Send It On." There are still two projects which haven't even begun yet, so log on to disneychannel.com with your kids and find out how you can help out. Its a great way for kids to get involved.

Did you know:

-It takes 120,000 gallons of water to make a small car, but only 35 to make a bicycle?

-The average person spends roughly 440 hours driving each year?

-Between Thanksgiving and New Years, the average person puts out about 25% more trash, which is equal to about 5 million pounds?

Want to know more? Log on to Disneychannel.com/friendsforchange and get started!

Camilla Belle Rep Confirms Joe Jonas Break Up

A rep for Camilla Belle has confirmed that the actress and boyfriend Joe Jonas has parted ways. Through the couple never confirmed they were dating, the rep says rumors of a split are true but Belle and Jonas remain friends.

Joe prompted rumors of a break-up during a gig in Detroit, Mich., on Sunday when he changed the lyrics to break-up song "Much Better."

Instead of singing "Get a rep for breakin' hearts, now I'm done with superstars," presumed to have been a reference to his relationship with Swift, he crooned, "Get a rep for breakin' hearts, now I'm done with movie stars."
He was also missing a necklace the actress had given him as a present. When approached by E! Online correspondent Marc Malkin to confirm the rumors, Jonas' spokesperson confirmed the split, but insisted, "There is no third party involved."

“Yes, it’s true, they have broken up. There is no third party involved and they care deeply about each other and will remain friends,” Belle’s rep Brad Cafarelli confirmed. The pair began dating last November following the Jonas Brothers singers split from Taylor Swift.

Jonas, 19, is currently on the Jonas Brothers World Tour with his brothers and bandmates Kevin Jonas and Nick Jonas. Both brothers have been getting serious with their girlfriends – Kevin recently proposed to Danielle Deleasa while Nick is said to have given girlfriend Miley Cyrus a “promise ring.” Belle, 22, is currently filming Father of Invention with Kevin Spacey.