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Demi Lovato and Trace Cyrus Call It Splitsville

Demi Lovato's brief romance with Miley Cyrus' older brother Trace is over. "Demi is one of my good friends and I definitely became very, very close with her in the past few months," says Trace, a singer with the pop group Metro Station.

"It's something I really wanted to make work, but unfortunately, we both have very busy schedules," Trace told People. "We're both on tour right now. I'm always on the other side of the world and so is she, so it just seemed like something that can't work out at this time."

Cyrus also cited the couple's age difference as a cause for the break-up. Demi, 16, is a lot younger than me," says Trace, 20. "When someone is that much younger, you're looking for different things in relationships. Maybe when she's older and we've both matured, we'll be looking for the same thing and it can work out."