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Savvy signs with Jonas Group

The up and coming teen group Savvy has just announced, forgive the obvious pun, a savvy strategic alliance with the Jonas Group, who represent and guide the careers of artists like Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, and Jordin Sparks. Savvy members Shaylen Carroll, Sarah Gabrielle LeMaire, Mariah Parks, Drew Reinartz, Alan Shaw, and Andrew Bowen Stern are an American born recording and performing group whose new TV show The Wannabees starring Savvy just premiered in Australia. The show will soon be coming to American television once a network deal has been inked.

Savvy is excited about their new alliance with the Jonas Group, which is a leading management company that has offices in Los Angles and Dallas. The Jonas Group shares in Savvy's enthusiasm. "We are honored to have teamed up with such an innovative group," said Kevin Jonas Sr. "Never before have we seen an independently financed production so fully functioning with such a high-quality product."

Savvy has been together since 2004, performing at over 400 live concerts in the U.S. including a headlining gig on Radio Disney's "Feelin' Groovy" tour. With the upcoming premier of their new TV show on the horizon, the parnership with Jonas Group is timely.

Their TV show, The Wannabees, follows six high school students who attend an upscale arts academy that frowns upon their dreams of becoming pop stars. During the first season, the Wannabees struggle to balance school with their secret life as performing artists. Along the way, the six encounter outrageous situations as they try to reach the top of the pop charts, while hiding their true identities.

Each episode will contain an original Savvy exclusive music video.